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Senaru – Bayan Natural Package (Half Day)

Rinjani Natural Package “Singgang Gile And Tiu Kelep Water Falls” ( Half Day)


When you arrive at Lombok, no matter if it’s at the airport or by boat, our staff will come and pick you up and transfer you to our hotel and office in Senaru. Once you arrive in Senaru, you will meet our staff to complete your registration and do a short briefing with your guide. You will learn about the tour procedure and get prepared for the trip.

Singgang Gile  and Tiu Kelep waterfalls are located in the foot of Rinjani mountain , Administratively,  these waterfalls located in Senaru village, before we go to waterfalls, we have to buy entrance ticket. After that we can go on to Sendang Gile and  Tiu Kelep waterfalls,

Sendang Gile waterfall is closer to the entrance ticket of waterfall area. To get there, only take 20 minutes by foot. Because it closer to the entrance ticket, made it as the first  visited by more visitors, either its foreign or domestic one, along the way to get these waterfalls we will enjoy the beautiful  nature of protected forest which is part of Rinjani National Park, the stairs that we will allow to waterfall is very comfortable through small and big stones on it.

Tiu Kelep waterfall is second waterfall to get it; we have to spends times about 40 minutes by foot. The way to Tiu Kelep waterfall is very extreme so we have carefully pay attention from your guide because we will pass a quite sloping stairs and also shallow rivers with clear water as well. You will also pass a path which in each side is Small River with calm water.

Tiu Kelep name is taken from Sasak language. “Tiu” means pool, and “Kelep” means fly. While Sendang Gile name is taken from a legend which tells about the story of a prince which was chased by a crazy lion. He ran into a wood and hide behind a waterfall. This waterfall then called Sendang Gile waterfall. The two waterfalls are believed by the local people as a cure to many diseases and the last leave the waterfalls and back to hotel for lunch.

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