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Save Mount Rinjani


Mount Rinjani is a truly captivating place, with its natural beauty of diverse flora and fauna, and we aim to preserve this wonderful aspect so that future generations will be just as capable of experiencing it.

  • No Littering: To protect the natural environment and keep it clean, we take effort to dispose of litter in the correct way,without tarnishing the beautiful landscape and we will bring more trash back down
  • Planting Trees: We also support a separate company, located in Senaru, in their efforts to keep the environment clean and sustainable, and invite our guests to plant trees in and around Rinjani.
  • Protect Local Fauna: We are committed to minimising and/or eliminating any negative impact on local wildlife we might have. The local fauna forms a part of, and vital support for, the natural ecosystem which bestows its beauty on Rinjani and the surrounding area.

“Together, let’s help maintain and protect our green Earth for a brighter future.”

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